Part 1- what led us to Dr Aron

This is the story of our daughter Anna and her eczema and the journey we have started with Dr Aron.

Anna was born in Scotland in November 2008.  She made quite a dramatic entrance to the world as she was born in a hospital toilet with not a midwife in sight and she snapped the umbilical cord on her way out as she hit the floor and I had to pull the emergency cord in the toilet to get help.  But that’s a different story! This story is about her journey with eczema.

Our problems started when Anna was 3 months old and she developed eczema. This wasn’t the mild eczema that some of my friend’s children’s had where they would fret because they had one 1p–sized piece of eczema that wouldn’t shift. Rather it was I’m-too-scared-to-leave-the-house–for-the-comments-I’ll-get and why-is-my-baby-always-oozing eczema. Needless to say, we didn’t take many photos in those days but here a couple (taken to capture how bad it was):

image image

I had been exclusively breastfeeding but, at 4 months old, we gave Anna her first taste of formulae milk.  Just 1oz but here was the almost instant reaction (plus lots of vomit, which we didn’t take pictures of):

image image

Needless to say, we didn’t give her dairy again. And hospital tests showed that, as well as dairy, she was allergic to egg, sesame and most nuts. She had been being exposed to these foods through my breast milk. Once we moved her onto hypoallergenic milk her eczema got a lot better (or, should I say, less horrific) and we were no longer on antibiotics what seemed like every second week.

Nevertheless, Anna’s eczema remained an issue and we received care from the hospital dermatology team until she was about 18 months old when we seemed to get forgotten about. This wasn’t such a big deal though, as her eczema was much less of an issue by then. We were still moisturising frequently but rarely needing steroid creams.

In July 2011, Anna’s 9 month old baby brother Charlie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, in a rather traumatic experience with an ambulance dash to hospital and the threat of a coma or worse, and our world was turned upside down.   Anna, then aged almost 3, showed her competitive streak and regularly reminded me that “I’ve got three things wrong with me – eczema, food allergies and asthma” as opposed to Charlie’s one thing (but, trust me, type 1 diabetes is a huge thing to deal with). Oh yes, I forgot to mention Anna’s asthma, which was diagnosed at age 2 and involved a few overnight hospital stays.

A few months into Charlie’s diagnosis, I turned to type 1 diabetes support groups on facebook. I use them less now but, at the time, they were my lifeline. I learned so much and also received the emotional support I needed and I’m still an active member of many groups.

A year or so later, when Anna was about age 4, her eczema took at turn for the worse and it has been getting gradually worse ever since. We got referred back to hospital dermatology but they told me it was like “teaching me to suck eggs” and to keep on using the steroids (and, in fact, even more steroids) and to moisturise lots. This wasn’t particularly helpful but was no more than I expected from the NHS.

It finally dawned on me that it might be a good idea to join an eczema support group, which I did.  In type 1 diabetes, there are often debates (bordering on fights) over whether or not to night test (i.e. check your child’s blood glucose level overnight – one of the risks of not doing so being that there is a tiny chance that they might die overnight). In eczema support groups, the equivalent debate is over whether or not to use topical steroid creams such as hydrocortisone or stronger (we are definitely in the stronger category).   We have always been in the pro-steroid camp and I was never tempted to follow the anti-steroid mums. However, I did pay attention to the small number of mums who talked, in almost reverent tones, about a Dr Richard Aron from South Africa with whom they had achieved amazing results for their children.

I joined the facebook group ‘Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group’ (!/groups/492451777525485/) and avidly followed the successes and joy of other families for a few months (literally everyone on the group has had amazing results).  Then, in June 2014, I decided that we wanted a piece of that success.  We are currently on day 5 and I’m not exaggerating when I say it is like a miracle has taken place.  But I will provide more details in my next post ….

8 thoughts on “Part 1- what led us to Dr Aron

  1. This is our story exactly.Abby is 8and been on Dr Aron for about 2 months. Our Dr here in nz was not happy to write the RX but has relented and will. I think they were sceptical about the steroid and antibiotics but as you say such a diluted amount. Quite frankly we were all at the end with a relentless itch sleepless nights constant infection. It is expensive to start but hoping to cut down amount soon. Its amazing Abby is a whole different happy little girl even the school comments. Thank goodness for face book. All the best with your Anna and your wee boy.


    1. Hi Anne! I’m so chuffed to get my first (and only) comment lol so thank you! I’m glad that Abby is doing so well under Dr Aron too. Anna’s teachers are going to wonder what miracle has taken place over the summer holidays. All the best to your family too!


    2. Hi I was wondering if you knew if Dr Aron’s cream is available in Melbourne Australia. My son is 13yrs old and just started his first year of high school and as he has severe eczema covered from head to toe he has to put up with bullies picking on him on a daily basis..
      Please help me help my son in anyway possibe, maybe a link directly to Dr Aron or any information u can help me with will hopefully help my son to feel comfortable in his own skin..
      Hope to hear from you soon


      1. Hi Heidi,
        My son developed eczema at 2 months. We live in northern suburbs of Perth and we are on week 3 on Aron regimen. I went to 3 GPs here who did not agree with the method but fortunately found one GP who was a dermatologist from her home country. She is familiar with the method as a former dermatologist so she transcribed Dr. ARON prescription for me. I then sent those prescription to two compounding pharmacy who quote 285gms cream to $75 way much lesser from combined steroids+creams+lotions+bath oils etc that I have brought. I’m happy to tell you my son’s skin is healing, he is happier, gaining weight and sleeping better. I pray you’ll be able to get in touch with Dr. ARON and can find a helpful GP who’ll transcribe it for you. Hugs to your son and to you as well. Hope is in your way.xx

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      2. Hi Sharon, thank-you so much for answering my question in regards to Dr Aron. We are off on another trip to the Royal children’s hospital today so once again I will talk to the specialist and hopefully they will take notice of all the good reports people have to say about Dr Aron’s amazing formula.. I’m so happy to hear that someone finally listened to you and now your sons skin is healing due to Dr Aron’s treatment and a loving caring mum like you who fought for him to not have to live in pain and discomfort everyday.. Severe eczema is the worst part of being a parent as I feel helpless all I can do is supply creams,ointments,bath oils,wet dressings,bleach and salt baths, steroid creams, antibiotics and the list goes on and help my son cope with all these emotions that come with it.. I really hope my son has as much luck as yours as no-one deserves to have to live a life like this. I really wish you and your son all the best Sharon thank-you once again Heidi.


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