Part 3 – Dr Aron’s methods

In this section I will talk about the methods that Dr Aron uses to achieve his results. These are no secret – they are explained clearly on his website ( and most of the information below has come directly from the website. There is also no magic in the underlying ingredients, which are creams all regularly prescribed by the NHS. The difference with Dr Aron is in the mix!

The cream
The creams prescribed by Dr Aron will vary from child to child and, for a given child, possibly over time. But I believe that most include three key ingredients:
– moisturiser
– steroid
– antibiotic

with the moisturiser being by far the main ingredient i.e. the steroid and the antibiotic are very diluted.

With conventional eczema treatment, the three creams are applied separately, and often with periods of no antibiotic. With Dr Aron, they are applied mixed, with less steroid/antibiotic at each application (since they are diluted) but more applications. We are currently applying the creams four times a day. My hope is to reduce that to once a day at some point over the next year. My dream is to stop the mixed cream altogether and use only the moisturiser going forward, except for the occasional eczema flare. I know mums who have managed this with Dr Aron. Steroid creams are funny things. They can have amazing results but as soon as you stop them the eczema symptoms bounce straight back. With Dr Aron’s regime, I’m hoping I can wean Anna off them over time.

Here are photos of our latest pot:


You might spot that the three ingredients are Diprosone (steroid), Fucidin (antibiotic) and Diprobase (moisturiser). I’ve intentionally blanked out the quantities as I wouldn’t want anyone to try this themselves at home. This is the current cream for Anna. Different children will receive different creams – both the underlying three creams and the concentrations will vary by child and over time. We have consulted with Dr Aron via email – I send him photos and descriptions and he tells me what to do. I believe that others also use Skype too.

Our cream comes from Landy’s pharmacy in London, which Dr Aron has an arrangement with for his patients in the UK. We pay them privately for the cream, of which I suspect most of the charge is for the mixing. I know of other mums in the UK who get the creams on the NHS and mix them themselves. In other parts of the world, mums often have no choice but to mix the creams themselves. Based on my culinary skills (I’m thinking of white sauces in particular), I hope I never have to mix the creams myself!

The cream is very pleasant and quick to apply, with limited damage to the surrounding person/clothes/carpet/upholstery. For those of you familiar with Hydromol ointment, you will understand what mean when I describe the aftermath as “snail trails”. And the other cream we previously used, “50:50”, gets everywhere. The only person/thing these creams would sink into was Anna. So many clothes with irremovable stains. And it would take lots of hot soapy water to get off my hands. Anna’s skin, on the other hand, would lap it up. I always thought that the thicker/gloopier the cream/ointment the better. Dr Aron, however, thinks differently and I’m rapidly coming round to his way of thinking.

I’m intentionally not going to say much about cost because it will depend on where you live and how you get your creams. I would guess that we are going to pay around £200 for our first month (today is day 11), with this amount reducing gradually over time as we need less help from Dr Aron and less cream. It has been worth every penny and many more!

Lifestyle changes
Dr Aron’s advice from his website follows. Many people new to Dr Aron will have been doing much of this stuff anyway.
– No swimming (until the skin has been clear for 3 months)
– Cotton clothes only
– No or minimal preservatives/E-numbers in food
– No bath additives. Use only Dove Extra Sensitive Cream Bar

“What!?”, I hear you cry? “Surely you’re not suggesting I use soap?”. This was exactly my reaction but, you know, it seems to be working just fine. And it’s not really soap at all but a fragrance-free, soap substitute. Anna was delighted to use “soap” for the first time in her life and her skin has never looked better. I figured that if I was going to go down the Dr Aron route then I had to go down it 100%. In my next post, I’ll show some of the results.

13 thoughts on “Part 3 – Dr Aron’s methods

  1. Dove cream bar Sensitive does lather but it is not soap ! It is a soap substitue which is fragrance free Dr R Aron


    1. Hi Dr Aron/Kate! I’ve just spotted your comment, which had found its way into spam in my Comments. I have added a sentence to Part 3 of the blog to make it clear that the Dove bar you recommend is not a soap. Thanks. Sheila


  2. Hi I have been following your post and find them very interesting. I am thinking of trying the creams prescribed by Dr aron.but I am a bit worried my daughters skin is very sensitive. Also is it safe to use antibiotics eace time (within the cream ) will the skin just not get used to it and then stop working


    1. Hi! I think that most people with eczema have very sensitive skin. Sometimes Dr Aron will have to try more than one cream for a patient to find the one that works best and without irritation. We are about to remove the antibiotic from Anna’s mix (which we only apply once every 5 days in any case) but it has been working fine since we started 11 months ago. I hope that helps (:


  3. How’s your kid doing? Was the eczema gone for good with this treatment? I have eczema on my face and scalp, my skin is so itchy These days… I’m considering going under this treatment, but not sure yet and money is pretty toght so I’d like to get real patients reviews before making a decision. Regards!


    1. Hi Elda! Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve only just read your message. Anna is doing good thanks. We still use the cream once a week or so as maintenance but her skin is completely clear most of the time. Just to let you know, if you didn’t already, that Dr Aron closes to new registrations on Tuesday (31st) until mid-July.


  4. How’s your kid doing? Was the eczema gone for good with this treatment? I have eczema on my face and scalp, my skin is so itchy these days…. I’m considering going under this treatment, but not sure yet and money is pretty toght so I’d like to get real patients reviews before making a decision. Regards!


  5. Good day im lily mother of 5 from the philippines my 2 youngest kids have eczema… alex is 5 , jay2x is 2 … they are both using eczema lotion aveeno, Bactroban cream for d itchiness… n benadryl (anti histamine)everytime they r iritated … i give every 4hrs…pls help me…
    Thank u…


      1. My son has severe eczema on every part of his body.. I attended the Royal children’s hospital in Melbourne Victoria Australia today and I asked the dermatologist specialist if she had heard about Dr Aron she replied ‘NO’. I then explained how I had seen all these amazing stories on the internet about how so many people like my son had tried his methods and how fantastic the results were. The response I got from the specialist was ‘ the internet was full of alot of crap ‘ and that the specialist clinic there had never heard of him..
        In saying that she then asked me if I could send her information and facts so that she could look into it herself that Dr Aron’s methods were true then she would be happy to look..
        So I’m begging you Sheilam75 from a very desperate mum could you please forward as much information as possible to them so my son and many more Children like him could have an opportunity to have the chance to try Dr Aron’s formula, I would be so truly grateful…
        This is the following information regarding the clinic to send all and as much information as possible to please..

        TELEPHONE +61 3 9345 6180
        ( )


      2. Hi Heidi! So sorry, I have only just seen your comment. How is your son now? If you join the Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group on Facebook then you can find a link to an intro pack to take to your doctor about the Aron Regimen. If your doctor simply googles “Dr Aron eczema” then absolutely loads will come up. Good luck!


    1. Hi! It depends on which country you live in. In some countries/states, you don’t need a local doctor involved. In ones where you do, it’s not uncommon for people to find a new doctor and one that is agreeable to writing AR scripts.


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