Part 4 – A picture says a thousand words

We are now on day 11 of Dr Aron’s treatment. Things could really not be better.  Anna previously had dry, red, angry blotches over most of her body a lot of the time.  Now her skin is almost totally clear. Here is a photo of her hands ‘before’ and ‘after’:


Here are the ‘before’ photos I sent to Dr Aron showing her skin before she started on his treatment:

image image

The  ‘before’ photo of Anna’s hands was taken in a public toilet. Anna zoned in for her knees to scratch. This was no surprise. What is a surprise is that she has now stopped scratching almost altogether. I had high expectations of Dr Aron but for the itch to go so quickly I was not expecting. The ‘after’ photo shows that her hands are still a bit dry. But the improvement is immense. When she returns to school after the summer holidays I think that the teachers are going to be gobsmacked. As a good friend said to me last week, “I actually can’t imagine Anna without her itch”. A bitter sweet comment. It’s almost as though Anna has a new identity now that her eczema no longer defines her.

As the saying goes, “the camera never lies”.  With eczema, however, the camera invariably lies. It never shows just how bad eczema is. I could get home from work and see Anna’s legs in such a state that I could burst into tears. But take a photo and suddenly they didn’t look too bad. The converse is also true. Anna’s skin is not only clear of eczema right now but so lovely and soft that I have to stop myself from fondling her skin at every opportunity. But you can’t capture that in a photo!

What follows is some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the kids of some of my new Facebook friends (all with their permission) who have also been using Dr Aron. Many of the ‘after’ photos are just a few days after treatment started i.e. their skin continued to improve. I hope you agree that the results are remarkable.

image image image imageimageimageimageimage image image

I’m not planning on posting again for a while but thank you for following Anna’s story so far. I would thoroughly recommend that any parents of children with moderate to severe eczema at least consider trying Dr Aron. For a long time I watched on the sidelines in the Dr Aron Facebook group (!/groups/492451777525485/) and I thought that Anna’s eczema wasn’t severe enough to merit Dr Aron. I finally saw sense and realised that why should we miss out because Anna’s eczema was only bad rather than really bad? Best wishes to everybody out there battling eczema. In some ways it is so “in your face” and in other ways it is a hidden disease and people rarely realise how debilitating it can be. Sheila x

4 thoughts on “Part 4 – A picture says a thousand words

  1. Hi Sheila, I’ve just read your 4 posts and am so happy for you and Anna. Long may it continue. As you said, thank goodness for Facebook – keeps a lot of us sane 😉 Good luck to Anna and I hope things continue to improve. K x


  2. Not sure if you’re still checking this, just read your posts, daughter is 12 months old and hopefully we will be on Dr A treatment soon. x


    1. Hi! I receive email notifications of comments and so I spotted yours. That’s great news regarding your daughter hopefully starting with Dr A soon. I think I recognise you from the facebook group! (I’m Sheila in there, in case you didn’t know.) Best of luck x


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