Part 5 – The story continues

It has now been nearly 2 months since we started using Dr Aron’s eczema treatment for our daughter Anna and I’m happy to report that all is going well. We started off on four applications a day (my lazy interpretation of “4-5 times”) and have gradually stepped down, under Dr Aron’s instruction, to two days out of three on her torso and back and twice a day to her arms and legs. The reason that she needs more frequent applications on her arms and legs is that they started to get itchy again when I first reduced the number of applications to twice daily a month or so ago. So we had to step back up and take a more ‘slowly slowly’ approach to weaning her off the cream.

My hope is that within the next 2-3 months Anna can come off regular use of Dr Aron’s cream altogether and use it for flares only.

Anna’s skin is currently completely clear of eczema and she is virtually itch-free. Here is a photo of Anna and her little brother at the beach last weekend:


She got soaking wet and covered in sand and yet her skin was unscathed. Before Dr Aron, I would have been nervous about letting her dip a toe in the water let alone go waist deep. And the fun she had! Life is suddenly more carefree.

This compares to the dark place we were in immediately before starting with Dr Aron when we were applying a potent steroid neat to her skin over practically her entire body once a week or more AND moisturising like crazy AND giving her antihistamines. And then, the worst bit was, the NHS way didn’t even work! Her skin would improve (a bit) but for no more than a few days and the itch never went away.

Unfortunately, GPs in the UK cannot simply adopt Dr Aron’s method and prescribed mixed creams for daily use like his, even if they wanted to, because it goes against NICE guidelines (and no doubt the Scottish equivalent). Getting that changed will be another story!

As well as my delight at Anna’s new skin, I am also enjoying writing this blog and doing my best to ‘spread the word’ about Dr Aron. The membership of the ‘Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group’ Facebook group (!/groups/492451777525485/) is going up fast and I’m sure that Dr Aron must be a busy man.

Here is an example of how ‘word of mouth’, or rather Facebook, can help raise awareness of Dr Aron – at the weekend a friend of mine Marisa, who had seen my blog, sent me a Facebook message to say that there was an article in the Daily Mail about a child with severe eczema and what a shame that his mum didn’t know about Dr Aron. So I, along with some other mums, commented on the article on the Daily Mail online. We now have a new member, Jennifer, who joined the Dr Aron Facebook group solely because she had seen one of our comments. Our Daily Mail comments were posted on Sunday, today is Wednesday and she starts using Dr Aron’s cream tomorrow. How great is that! I predict that this time next week her son will be itch-free. What I am not so happy about is that several people chose to ‘dislike’ my comments in the Daily Mail (why would you do that?) but I am trying not to take it too personally.

There are now five Dr Aron blogs that I know about and links to the other four are included in the ‘Other Dr Aron blogs’ page on this blog (you might have to click on Menu). The most recent one was by Emma and picked up by her local press who ran the following story on her yesterday:


As you probably can’t read the text, here is a link to the online version:

Calling it a ‘miracle cure’ is a bit of an exaggeration (our children’s eczema is not ‘cured’ but in remission with virtually no symptoms) but it is the next best thing.

Emma’s blog and press article has also led to an influx of new members to the Facebook group and more children being helped by Dr Aron.

Anyway, that’s all for now, folks. Thank you for reading and, remember, if you know somebody with moderate or severe eczema then tell them to google ‘Dr Aron eczema’ to find his website

5 thoughts on “Part 5 – The story continues

    1. Aww, thanks Aileen! It’s impossible not to try and spread the word. Two months after we started with Dr A and I’m still so excited x


  1. I read about Dr Aron a while ago, but reading your blog today has convinced me to contact him, My 5 year old daughter has bad eczema and said at the weekend, I can’t cope with my life anymore. So glad that this has helped Anna and many other children


    1. Hi Joy! Thanks for commenting and I’m delighted that you have decided to give Dr Aron a go. It’s why I wrote this blog – to let others know about him so that they can benefit too. Bless your poor daughter but I’m sure she’ll be smiling again in a matter of days. I spent a few months thinking about it before I took the plunge and contacted Dr Aron and it’s one of the best things I ever did! Sheila x


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