Part 6 – The 6th month

It’s been 3 months since my last post and things continue to go well. Anna is now into her 6th month of treatment under Dr Aron. Having started in July with 4 applications of the cream per day, we are now down to 1 application every 4 days to her torso & back and 1 application every 2 days out of 3 to her arms & legs.

Apart from dry knuckles and the occasional itch, you would no longer know that Anna, now aged 6, has eczema. She has probably forgotten about how much our lives used to revolve around applying creams and despairing at them not working and shouts of “stop scratching!”. I, on the other hand, have not forgotten and continue to pinch myself at how our lives have changed.

Here are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of Anna’s skin:


And, as Anna’s photos don’t have much of a ‘wow!’ factor to them (her eczema, although by no means ‘mild’, was not at ‘severe’ end of the spectrum), here are some photos of a couple of my friends with kids unlucky enough to have eczema about as bad as it gets. But lucky enough to find Dr Aron!


The first photos are of the 4 year old son of a mum I mentioned in Part 5 who first heard of about Dr Aron from comments me and some others had made about him in a Daily Mail eczema article in September. Within one week of reading that article, she had started with Dr Aron and her son’s skin was almost eczema-free. If she had not read the article, her dermatologist was talking about putting her son on immunosuppressants (serious stuff).

The second photos are of the 13 year old daughter of the mum mentioned towards the end of the Telegraph article. She had seen top dermatologists in the UK and had tried probably every eczema treatment going but with little success. Her daughter was so sick that she couldn’t go to school and she had no quality of life. In January 2014, she sent out a plea for help via facebook eczema support groups and this led her to Dr Aron (who only a handful of people on facebook were using at the time – compared to the hundreds that there are now). The transformation in her daughter is nothing short of a miracle.

Here are a few of the things that have happened since my last post in September.

1. The Telegraph article
On 6 October 2014, the Telegraph (a quality newspaper in the UK) published the following article about Dr Aron’s treatment regime. It featured a mum Milli whose baby son Albie is being treated by Dr Aron. It was Milli who founded the ‘Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group’ ( back in March 2014.


Since the Telegraph article came out, Dr Aron has been very, very busy. So much so that he is currently on a break from taking on new patients so that he can continue to advise his existing patients. It makes me happy reading about so many success stories on the facebook group (where the membership has quadrupled since the start of October).

2. The YouTube video
I’m not sure what came over me but, about a week later, I posted a clip on YouTube of me and Anna in which I talk about my experience with Dr Aron. I’m embarrassed about being on film and can’t believe how Scottish I sound but here it is:

3. The cream
Our first 5 pots of cream came from Landys pharmacy in London who mixed together the steroid, antibiotic and moisturiser and posted them out to me. At around £50 per 450g-ish pot, this was rather expensive. So rather than go for pot number 6, I got the steroid and moisturiser from my GP (where I had them on repeat prescription anyway) and bought just the antibiotic from Landys. This reduced the cost per big pot to well under £10. I do not have a practical bone in my body and so my helpful sister, who just happens to be a hospital pharmacist, mixes them for me. Here is her having a bit too much fun doing her first mix:


If I was braver and did not have such a fear of rejection/confrontation, I would explain to my GP about Dr Aron and ask for the antibiotic cream on prescription too. I know many “Dr Aron mums” who have done so successfully but I also know some whose GPs have not been prepared to help. Part of the problem is that Dr Aron’s methods are not consistent with medical guidelines in the UK. This brings me onto my next point…

4. The campaign
I am part of a campaign to raise awareness of Dr Aron’s treatment method amongst health professionals in the UK and to attempt to change the atopic eczema medical guidelines (under NICE in England & Wales and SIGN in Scotland). Before NICE/SIGN will even consider Dr Aron’s method, medical research needs to take place with clinical trials and all these entail.

We are in no doubt that Dr Aron’s treatment method is incredibly effective and we have not heard of anyone suffer any side effects. Now we just need some clinical evidence, to add to the vast anecdotal evidence.

CAN YOU HELP? If anyone reading this knows somebody in the medical research field who might be able to help then can you please let me know. Or if you know a GP or dermatologist who might be interested in Dr Aron’s methods and willing to try them out themselves (guidelines are just guidelines after all – the Chairman of NICE himself said this to one of our campaign members at a meeting she was at). Or – rich people request – if you know of somebody prepared to help fund such research. Or if you know of a fund or organisation that might be able to. In fact, please email me about anything that you think might help… My email address is in the ‘About me’ section.

I will close by wishing you a happy Christmas and sharing a photo of Anna at her school nativity play earlier this week. She is the middle chicken (the one whose face has not been obscured). Last year, she could not have got through such a performance without being an uncomfortable, itchy mess (sizzling away in her fluffy chicken outfit under the spotlights) and I’m sure she would have been frantically scratching away on stage. The only the thing that might have reduced the attention she drew to herself is that the play was called the Wriggly Nativity and everyone was wriggling to the music. This year, thankfully, her skin was calm and she seemed at peace on stage. It’s wonderful not having eczema spoil things for Anna any more. Christmas presents don’t come much better than that!


3 thoughts on “Part 6 – The 6th month

  1. Hi
    Could I ask how you (ok.. your sister!) mixed your own. Is it particularly hard?
    We also have a prescription with Dr Aron and it is a godsend but the cost of the cream is steep even with the discount Landy’s offer. It would be nice to be able to mix up our own for the maintenance stages.


    1. Hi! I think I’ve replied to your email about the same thing but, saying it again, there is a video on the Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group (!/groups/draron/) which shows you how to mix your own cream. I don’t think it’s particularly difficult but there is a technique to the mixing and it can require a fair bit of ‘elbow grease’. I hope that helps (:


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