Part 8 – The 2nd year – my top 5

Today marks 2 years since I made the decision to start my now 7 year old daughter Anna on the Aron Regimen and so I thought it was time to update my blog. If you’re new to this blog and you want to start at the beginning then here is a link:

Nothing has really changed in terms of Anna’s skin care – we still apply her compound cream all over her body once a week (or more frequently to her knuckles) and she continues to be pretty much eczema symptom free. The only difference from last year is that the compound no longer contains antibiotic cream. This means that it contains only steroid heavily diluted in moisturiser. Lots of moisturiser. I reckon that one tube of topical steroid is lasting Anna 6 months. I am very happy to be using so little and her skin has never looked better.

Although Anna’s eczema is no longer keeping me busy (one application a week – easy, peasy!), it’s been a busy year for growth of the Aron Regimen. For reasons of history/nostalgia if nothing else, I’ve set out below my top 5 highlights of the last year. Some of these stem from the fact that I’m part of a group of volunteers who are campaigning to raise awareness of the Aron Regimen around the world.

In no particular order, my top 5 are:

1. Tyler video goes viral

In April 2016, a mum Debbie in Australia made a video about her son Tyler’s eczema journey and his transformation under the Aron Regimen. This was picked up by the media, the video has had over 100,000 views and Tyler and family even appeared on the news. Check out the impact Tyler’s story had on the number of members in the Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group:


The social media has been so important in people finding out about the Aron Regimen. In order to reach as many people as possible, in the last year the campaign group has set up a Facebook page (in addition to the Facebook group) and Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

2. Dr Aron goes to Chicago
In September 2015, Dr Aron (who lives in South Africa) visited Chicago as a guest of Dr Peter Lio of the Chicago Integrative Eczema Center. Dr Lio was keen to learn more about Dr Aron’s method and, while he was there, Dr Aron gave a presentation (see video) to a local eczema support group. Patients from all over the US travelled to Chicago to meet the doctor who had helped their children.

Dr Lio now practices the Aron Regimen on many of his own patients. Here is an article he has written about it: Dr Lio also acts an adviser to the National Eczema Association and they featured the Aron Regimen in their February newsletter, a far cry from the National Eczema Society in the UK who have known about the Aron Regimen since 2008 and yet seem to actively disapprove because it goes against the norm.

3. The Weavers are found
Near the start of his Chicago presentation, Dr Aron talks about a then 13 year old girl in the UK, Laura Weaver, who was one of his first patients when he started his online consultation service in 2008. Dr Aron lived in London at the time and he had seen Laura on a popular breakfast television programme This Morning because her eczema was so severe. He managed to get in touch with Laura’s mum Lisa, Laura commenced treatment on the Aron Regimen and she returned to This Morning with clear skin. Dr Aron was suddenly in demand.

I was delighted when Laura and Lisa Weaver both joined the Facebook group earlier this year, after one of my friends found them in an extensive facebook search, and more so to learn that Laura is still doing well on the Aron Regimen.

4. My friend Victoria gets creative
Victoria’s daughter Martha is also on the Aron Regimen (check out her brilliant blog) and she and her husband have made a couple of videos which I simply love. The first because me and Anna feature in it played by Play Mobil characters, which Anna finds hilarious:


The ‘real’ me and Anna are taken from my YouTube video of 2014 where I spoke about the Aron Regimen and which Victoria watched and identified with.

The second video is one Victoria made to celebrate the Facebook group reaching 10,000 members. I love the video because it’s so upbeat and full of hope and shows what can be achieved in not much over 2 years since the Facebook group was formed.

5. Meeting Dr Aron
In February 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Aron, along with many of the UK campaign group members, when he was in London for a few weeks. What a humble and funny man! An afternoon I’ll always cherish and remember.


I’ll close, probably for another year, with a song Anna made to say thank you to Dr Aron when she discovered that the reason I’d travelled to London was to meet him in person for the first time.

And thank you to Anna for being the reason for this story.

3 thoughts on “Part 8 – The 2nd year – my top 5

    1. Hi Barry! I’m afraid that Dr Aron is no longer treating patients in London. He last did so (for a few weeks) in February 2016 but I don’t believe he will be returning. His only clinic now is in Cape Town, South Africa but more of his consultations are online and with patients all round the world.


  1. if dr aon is still seeing people in london. if so telephone number please. the number i have is ceased line 01923460597


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