Part 11 – Anna’s story (by Anna)

If you are new to my blog and to the Aron Regimen then please start at the beginning here.

A few months ago Anna decided that she wanted to write her own blog post. I discovered this when I stumbled across the text below the photos in the notes on my iphone. I didn’t do anything about it and so Anna added another note at the bottom and then another and then another. So I’ve decided that I will actually publish what Anna wrote! She loves the fact that this blog has had almost 20,000 visitors over the years.

Nothing much to report on Anna’s eczema but no news is good news. We’re still applying the cream (steroids diluted heavily in moisturiser) once every couple of weeks or so because, despite what Anna says below, she starts to get itchy if we don’t. 

Today is Good Friday and 9 years ago today Anna ran into a kitchen chair and got a cut near her eye. This was the day the first photo below was taken. What jumps out at me from that photo is not the plaster by her eye but the state of her poor eczema fingers. The second photo was taken today. Happy girl!

By Anna:

Hi, I am Anna and I am now 10 years old and in primary 6 (Year 5 and I think it’s grade 6). I thought I should write a chapter on how I have felt about my eczema. I don’t really have it any more but mum STILL makes me put cream on. As you have read, last summer I saw Dr Aron. It was really good and I got to go to London! I don’t really know what to write but thank you for helping me become a little bit famous and more importantly I have helped lots of people with Eczema around the world 🌍.Oh and beeeeeeeeeee CRAZY 😝


[A few months later]  Mum if you see this it is for my thing online. What is it called again? So anyway you can fix some of it and add photos. Bye.

[A few weeks later]  Mum can we put this on the WordPress now? 

[A few days later]


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